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Galería Caballito de Mar

The focus of Galeria Caballito de Mar is to showcase art that is a serious reflection of Mexico’s cuktural past. Extraordinary masters of ancestral forms pf art are represented in the gallery’s rare, extensive colection of antique and vintage jewelry, textiles and ceramics, as well as other artistic expressions of the Americas. In particular, an unsurpassed level of artistry and craftsmanship by renowned Mexican silvermiths from 1910 to the 1980s, and by artisans accorded the distiction of Grandes Maestros de México can be foud in the gallery’s collection. These important artisans include:

Tango Aceves
Héctor Aguilar
Damasco Gallegos
Enrique Ledesma
Los Ballesteros
Los Castillo
Sigfrido Pineda
Matilde Eugenia Poulat (Matl)
William Spratling
Margot van Voohies Carr
(Margot de Taxco)
Alfredo Villasana

Guillermina Aguilar
Hilario Alejos Madrigal
José Bernabé Campechano
Elena Felipe Félix
Alfonso Castillo Orta
Nicasio Pajarito González
Gorky González Quiñones
Florentino Jimón Barra
Ángel Santos Juárez
Juan Jorge Wilmot Mason



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