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Galería de Ollas


Mata Ortiz is a small rural village in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.  There, over 300 of the villagers are creating the most beautiful, individually designed and handcrafted works of pottery.

It all started when a 15 year old boy, Juan Quezada who lived in Mata Ortiz, left school to help his family by gathering wood  in the nearby mountains. As he wandered across the plains, he found shards of ancient pottery, so he began his quest to make pottery the way it had been done by the ancient peoples of Paquimé. In 1971 after 15 years of observations, experimentation, trial and error, Juan succeeded. He had recreated the whole pottery making process.

Galería de Ollas was established in February 1998 and since then has been dedicated to displaying and selling the works of the finest Mata Ortiz potters. 

Visit: www.galeriadeollas.com